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MINIMAL architectural DESIGN

Icona coplanar door is characterised from the full height aluminium handle lacquered in tone, emphasising its minimal design. Aesthetics interpreting the wardrobe as an architectural element in the house. Its Coplanar sliding doors sit completely flush, creating a contemporary, uncluttered look.

Functional Wardrobes. The ultimate in customisation. The Jesse wardrobe system, Plurimo is a storage concept combining the utmost flexibility of composition with ever more customised aesthetics. Original solutions to fit the various styles of contemporary life: from the remarkable range of hanging, sliding and coplanar doors to the total freedom in composing walk-in closets to the customisation of interior fit-outs and choice of different materials and lacquers. An advanced system, interpreting the latest in home lifestyle trends.

Wood: Thermal Oak, Canaletto Walnut
Melamine Structures & Fittings: Satin, Thermal Oak
Melamine Front: Twill, Thermal Oak
Glass: Bianco, Tortora, Corda, Ostrica, Cenere, Ardesia, Visone, Terra, Nero, Broze Mirror, Fumé Glass
Matte and Gloss Lacquer: Gesso, Cenere, Senape, Bianco, Ferro, Arancio, Avorio, Ardesia, Rosso Cina, Tortora, Visone, Turchese, Corda, Terra, Malva, Fango, Lime, Ottanio, Ostrica, Alga, Nero




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